Writing for the Village Voice

“I Fought the Landlord, and the Landlord Won”
An undocumented immigrant stands up against abuse — and pays the price
July 18, 2012

“Does ‘Gay Inc.’ Believe in Free Speech?”
In the battle over gay rights, dissent during wartime isn’t always tolerated
June 20, 2012

“The Nonprofit 1 Percent”
Even the do-gooders can seem blind to their own excess
March 21, 2012

At 75, world-renowned composer Philip Glass is still an East Village Voice
February 1, 2012

“The 100 Most Powerless New Yorkers”
A “power list” for the rest of us
January 10, 2012

“America’s Top Heathen”
Odin himself might have had a hard time predicting Dan Halloran’s strange career on New York’s City Council
November 30, 2011

“White Mayor’s Burden”
Bloomberg aims to help the young black and Latino men he has been throwing in jail for a decade
September 21, 2011

“Maybe I Do and Maybe I Don’t”
Gays got the freedom to marry – and for some, the freedom not to
August 10, 2011

“Diaz Family Values”
While Ruben Diaz Sr. lobs bombs at gay rights, his Borough President son Ruben Jr. and lesbian granddaughter run for cover

June 21, 2011

“Black and White and Hebrew All Over”
At the Hebrew Language Academy charter school, braids are more common than yarmulkes
May 24, 2011

“New York’s Most Obnoxious Prophets”
Why do the Black Hebrew Israelites scream and curse at you?
March 29, 2011

“Class Struggle”
A Bronx charter school may not silence its critics, but it’s doing a good job of getting its students to shut up and pay attention
February 9, 2011

The FDNY’s black firefighter problem
December 15, 2010

“Bad Lieutenant”
What the networks won’t ask Lt. Dan Choi, He’s Happy to Tell

October 27, 2010

“White America Has Lost Its Mind”
The white brain, beset by worries, finally goes haywire in spectacular fashion
September 29, 2010

“An Eye for Art”
A Cooper Union art student lost an eye protesting in Israel — but none of her vision
July 27, 2010

“Ronnie’s Kids: The Bright Side of Amnesty”
Whatever happened to the millions of immigrants given a new start by the Gipper?
July 13, 2010

“Hell on Wheels”
Crooked Car Transporter Takes Granny’s Honda Hostage
June 22, 2010

“NYU’s Snuff Film”
A campus wide clampdown on last year’s student film death won’t keep us from giving you the whole picture
April 6, 2010

“Separate and Unequal”
Life inside a divided Upper East Side public school
February 23, 2010

“The Sailor Man in New York”
Invisible seafarers in a city still addicted to shipping
December 15, 2009

“Who Do We Have to Blow to Get Gay Marriage?”
The frustrating circle-jerk in Albany
November 17, 2009

“The Pet Death Business”
All dogs go to heaven. Yours will probably get there in an urn.
November 10, 2009

“Grand Ol’ Pagan”
What does the Republican Heathen running for city council really believe?
October 26, 2009

“Conservative Facebook Founder Funded Anti-ACORN Videographer”
September 22, 2009