My latest for BuzzFeed: a look at the political history of the Afro, from Huey Newton and the Black Panthers, to why I think Mr. Thrasher would have wrestled me to the ground to keep me from leaving the house looking like Dante de Blasio.

Brian Vines interviewed me on BK Live yesterday, to talk about my latest BuzzFeed article on the history of the Afro and about the New York City elections. As always, it was a delight to chat with Brian, especially as I’d interviewed him for my article. 

BK Live 11:5:13 from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

My latest for BuzzFeed was one of the most painful features I’ve ever reported: an in-depth look at how LGBT people are legally separated from children, including from their own biological children.

The same day I performed in Two Truths and a Lie’s inaugural show at BRIC House, I was also a guest on BK Live with my friend Brian Vines. We talked Brooklyn politics, from the effects of the federal shutdown on Brooklyn residents, to Eric Adams’ unopposed run for Borough President, to Charlie Hynes’ last ditch effort to run for D.A. on the republican line. It was awesome to see how amped up the production values were in BRIC’s new studios, and I was happy to see Brian’s work appearing in such an open, public forum.

BK Live 10/15/13 from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

Last week, I had the honor to tell a live story called “Abandoned on South Elliott Place” in one of my favorite live storytelling venues, “Two Truths and a Lie.” It was especially nice because we were hosted by BRIC public media’s new Stoop Series, in their awesome new space in Fort Greene. Audio of the story I told is below. Can you tell if it was a truth or a lie? (Only two people in our audience of a couple hundred people guessed the two liars correctly. )

Excited to share some big news: it’s official, I’m now working as a Contributing Editor at BuzzFeed! I’ll be writing long format pieces once a month (investigations, essays and profiles). The idea is that I’ll be writing about half my pieces for the LGBT section, and I’ll also weigh in with shorter pieces when news warrants from time to time.

BuzzFeed is growing rapidly. There were about 100 people there when I met with them in 2012 and about 300 now. It feels really good to have an anchor home for my writing, and I’m really excited to be working with Ben Smith, Chris Geidner, Saeed Jones and Shani Hilton.

Fifty years ago today, the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom descended upon the Capitol Mall. It took the attention of the United States and, a half century later, still ignites its imagination.

The chief organizer of that event was Bayard Rustin, an out gay man. I had the deep privilege to interview Mr. Rustin’s partner, Walter Naegle, for a long profile I wrote as my first piece for BuzzFeed.

A treat to find out that Hannah Rosin, Noreen Malone and Allison Benedikt (my old Voice colleague) spent a good chunk of Slate’s Double X Gabfest Podcast (“The Monogamish Edition”) talking about my recent story for Gawker. They recorded the podcast about an hour after the Supreme Court released its rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8. They took a cue from my article that it is now a safe time to talk about same-sex couples and monogamy.

You can hear the whole thing here.

Today was a beautiful day. In covering the Supreme Court rulings on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act for Newsweek/The Daily Beast, I got to begin my day with Cathy Marino-Thomas and her wife Sheila. These ladies have worked their butts off for over a decade to advance marriage equality, and what a joy it was to be with them as the decision came in.

Later in the day, I got to very briefly interview the woman of the day, Edie Windsor. Realizing I would probably only get one question in, I went for the big one I leave until last (when I do ask it) while doing interviews:

What is the meaning of love?

Read her response (which included quoting W.H. Auden from memory) at Newsweek.

Today, I had the extremely pleasant appearance of being interviewed by Ricky Camilleri on HuffPost Live for a half hour segment about my recent Gawker story. All of the Google chat guests were extremely interesting, and it was a lot of fun working my old StoryCorps colleague Daniel Littlewood, who produced the segment.